Fly Fishing in Abu Dhabi UAE – Bait Balls, Queen Fish and Black Tip reef Sharks

Fly Fishing in Abu Dhabi UAE – I was invited a week ago to fish with Chris who had recently taken delivery of his new boat and was keen to get it out on the water and fly fish.

We met near Chris’s home and and rigged up the rods and boat and set off for the launch spot. Conveniently the launch spot is only 15 minutes drive away so by 9am, we were on the water and heading for the fishing grounds. After a bit of confusion on the right direction to the spot we wanted to hit, we eventually found our way passing many jumping fish (which looked like Mullet) along the way which was encouraging to see as the tide was rising into the channels.

Upon reaching the spot, we drifted for a short while and blind casted and monitored the currents and any sign of rises and bird activity.

It was pretty quiet for a while then all of a sudden Chris spots a few splashes and upon closer look we see birds hitting the water and what appeared to be a bait ball.


Drifting with the boat closer to the bait ball, we then notice it was a massive school of queen fish and along side them, 2 5 and half feet black tip reef sharks, all smashing the bait fish!



Fly Fishing in Abu Dhabi UAE

Neither the sharks nor queen fish seemed both by one another and were instead together in harmony working the bait fish into a tight pack where they munched till their hearts were content.

Chris cast a line and was first into a nice sized queen, and a bit of playing the fish, he had it boat side and along followed 4 other queens watching their buddy be brought in. I flicked my line out with the trusted green and white clouser to the following fish and boom, hook up and “fish on”! Again after a few minutes of play, the fish were both on board for a few pics and released. Awesome!

By now the area around us was raining bait fish, queens and the tow sharks and i literally mean raining bait fish, splash, splash, splash all around us and we could literally take our pick of where to cast….awesome!  Between us we hooked around 7-8 fish throughout the morning and it wasnt until several other boats approached the area that the fish then all scarpered and the bait ball moved on.

The boat was an perfect size and ride for the area we fished and extremely stable. For its maiden voyage, it did both Chris and I proud.

An awesome mornings fishing and a lot of fish taken in the 4 hour trip we did!

“Fish On and Hit It..!”

Fly Fishing in Abu Dhabi UAE

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