Best affordable fly rods

If you are looking for one of the best affordable fly rods on the market, then i highly recommend the Maximumcatch brand.

They have been making affordable fly rods for quite a number of years now and they are manufactured to target the entry-level to advanced angler.

The pricing on these rods are fantastic for newcomers to the sport of fly fishing as pretty much anyone can afford them.

They are also built to a high standard in some cases matching the bigger brands you see in the market, but obviously not as well known just yet vs say a Sage or Orvis brand, as those brands have been around for many many years and are heavily marketed worldwide.

Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit

The Maximumcatch Extreme Fly Fishing starter kit is a very good choice for any new fly fishing angler.
This fly fishing combo deal offers extremely good value for money and has all the essential fly fishing gear you will need as a beginner.


  • 4 piece rod so can easily transport or travel with it
  • Comes with a sturdy rod case so you can keep the rod protected
  • Bottom of the rod case features a place to store the reel also which is really handy for keeping the rod and reel in one location.
  • It comes with a reel case, fly line, fly box, flys, backing and also a lanyard and small pair of snips!
  • The price of this combo is outstanding and you’ll struggle to find a better-priced combo in my opinion!


  • Naturally, for this price, you will not have the absolute same quality as that of a sage or orvis fly flod but as a starter kit this kit will be hard to beat at this price.

Maximumcatch have been around since 2005 now and they manufacture a wide range of fishing tackle, not just fly fishing gear.

They have become quite well established with newer anglers getting started out in the sport.

What is a fly rod?

I fly rod is extremely similar to a float fishing rod if were to compare. Its light in weight vs a regular fishing rod and the eyelets (that hold the fly line and leader) are also built differently onto the rod.

The fly rod also is whats between you and the fish and allows you to play the fish once hooked and before you bring it to your net.

What is a fly line?

A fly line is used as a barrier between you and the fish. Usually, the fly line is used to cast the fly out to the target fish.

The fly line is connected to the backing which sits on the fly reel and at the other end of the fly line is usually a tapered leader that then connects to the fly.

Its an important part of the fly fisherman’s tackle set up as without it you would not be able to cast as easily.

A fly line also comes in different versions such as an intermediate line, floating line, sinking line or sink tip line. All these lines are designed to do a different purpose such as sink, float or only a certain length of the fly line to sink.

We wrote another article here on what is intermediate fly fishing line if you’d like to read it?

What fly rod do i need as a beginner?

As you first get started id recommend one such as the above. This will allow you test out the sport of fly fishing and see how you feel before investing a lot of money into a sport you may not like.

Rest assured though, the maximumcatch is a really good choice if you want one of the best affordable fly fishing rods combo’s.

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