Best Fly Fishing Nets 2019

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If you are looking to add more tackle to your fly fishing arsenal, one of the things you definitely need is a good fly fishing net.

We will go over what we believe are the best fly fishing nets 2019 as well as some further pointers and good information on what to look out for when buying a fly fishing net as well as why you need a fly fishing net.

What Is The Best Net For Fly Fishing?

The Best Fly Fishing Nets 2019 we have tested is the NetAngler Fishing Net with Magnetic Release. Many Fly anglers have used this net and is rates extremely well also on Amazon.


The price is affordable for most fly anglers and it’s made from solid wood, features rubber mesh which won’t harm the fish and is durably made so it won’t rot and destroy easily.

It also comes with a very useful magnetic release!

How Do I Choose A Fly Fishing Net

When selecting a fly fishing net, you need to consider a few things:

What is the net made from

Will the net I buy last a long time

Will the net harm the fish

What does the net come with ie a magnetic release

Is the fly fishing net long or short handle

Is the fly fishing net grip comfortable to hold

Will I be using the fly fishing net in a river or lake or local pond

Does the fly fishing net come with any warranty

What are people saying about the NetAngler fly fishing net

How much is the fly fishing net going to cost me


What Are Nets Used For

A Fly fishing nets main purpose is to help you land a fish after catching it.

If you’ve ever tried to and a fish that is thrashing about at the same time trying to hold you fly rod you know if can be a tricky thing.  Having a fly fishing net can help eradicate a lot of that hassle and the best fly fishing net 2019 we recommend is the NetAngler Fly Fishing net.

The other thing a net is used for is to help catch the fish and not to harm it. You may wish to release the fish and it is widely known that handling a fish with bare hands for a long period of time can transfer germs and small diseases to a fish that later kills it off and infects the other fish around it.

This is uncommon for most of the time however handling a fish with a proper fly fishing net will only help both you and the fish in the long run.

Do You Need A Net For Trout Fishing

I would say you absolutely need a fly fishing net for some of the reasons mentioned in the section above this.

There were countless times at the beginning of my fly fishing journey where I wished id had a net to help me land the fish easier!

Ive also gone and lost several fish due to not having a fly fishing net which is extremely frustrating. For the sake of investing $30 (depending on what type of net you go for) id say its one of the pieces of fly fishing tackle that you definitely need to have  in your fly fishing tackle box. 

Also you will need to buy a fly fishing net as most of the time some stocked fly-fishing lakes and their owners will not allow you to fish if you don’t have a fly fishing net.

This also goes back to what I mentioned above because if you handle the fish skin-to-skin meaning with your hands touching the fish, this can pass on germs to the fish, resulting in the fish getting infected and thus passing the infection back into the lake.


Why Do I Need To Buy A Net For Trout Fishing

You will need to buy a net for fly fishing the reasons mentioned above but also to build up your fly fishing tackle as you never know really when you might need a fly fishing net and it’s better to have one with you than not have and lose a price fish because it!

How Do You Install A Magnetic Net Release

Most of the fly fishing nets now come with the a device known as a magnetic release. This simple yet effective tool can save you a lot of time when going to grab the net.

It’s a simple magnetic system comprising of two magnets. One of the magnets sits on your belt clip and the other magnet sits on the handle of the fly fishing net.  When you catch a fish you simply go to grab the net and  the magnet will release itself from the magnet on the belt thus allowing you to hold the net freely in your hand and land the fish you just caught.

Is It Hard to Fly Fish?

It is not hard to fly fish it is like any sport really that you may take up. You really just have to spend some time to practice casting which is one of the hardest things I would say about fly-fishing. 


Learning how to cast the fly rod is a skill in itself but again its not hard to master and just requires some practice. Once you have mastered this it is really very simple and wonderful sport take part in.


Fly fishing is a really enjoyable sport and you will spend a lot of time outside in the open and in nature. It doesn’t require like other forms of fishing for you to carry very heavy tackle around with you. 


Most of the time you can store the fly fishing tackle quite easily in the back of a car and will not require more than one person to carry the tackle to the chosen fishing spot. This is one of the main benefits of fly fishing it’s very easy to setup and extremely lightweight tackle!

I hope you found this article on Best Fly Fishing Nets 2019 useful and feel free to read our other fly fishing tackle review guides here >> Buyers Guides Section 

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