Big “Jack” graces us with his presence…

Had a great mornings fishing on Friday out of Abu Dhabi. We were supposed to head out on the Yaks but due to the weather it was not possible with strong head winds of 17 knots. So we decided to head out and do some shore fishing. Surprisingly when we arrived, the weather wasn’t at all that bad but it was still very overcast and looked like it was about to rain heavily at any moment. This kind of overcast look remained throughout the morning and in fact i believe that beacuse the sun was behind the clouds, it actually helped our fishing as it was a very productive morning.

There was 3 of us fishing, myself, Mohammed and Stewart. We were all using squid and shrimp for baits and bottom fishing. After about 40 mins of fishing, Stwearts rod started to bounce very gently and then mine next to his. All 3 of us were watching mine and Stewarts rods when all of a sudden, Mohammeds reel started screaming off line and we knew he was in to a decent sized fish. For 15 minutes he battled it and it had tangled both my lines and was swimming from left to right in a sweepng motion across every bodyelses lines!! Until finally it swam up onto the beach and Mohammed had landed a 6kg Jack!! What an awesome looking fish. We also caught bream after bream all morning and i reckon in total we had around 16 breams between us, 13 of which went back to the deep blue.. Stewart was on hand to capture the pics of the Jack. Enjoy!!




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