Fishing in Al Aryam – Just outside of Mussafah

So decided to head on out to do a bit of shore fishing last weekend after returning from a very cold trip to the UK to see my parents. I now realise why i moved to the UAE…it was so nice even at 6am to be wearing shorts and t-shirt as  i was loading up the 4×4.

2 of my work buddies, Reinhard and Harry were joining me today along with Reinhards son Sebastian.

So, i collected them all from the Etisalat car park and we loaded their gear into the back of my 4×4 and headed off along airport rd towards Mussafah. As we passed along through Mussafah, you can really see how much development is going o there right now and the way they plan cities and what facilities they put in to facilitate the new residents.






We arrived at our spot shortly after 7am and began setting up the rods. I was eager to get mine rods set up as i’d brought some new tackle back with me for myself and the guys. I picked up some abu garcia rods and reels for the boat and also some shimano spinning reels. We all got rigged up and the cast out the lines using squid as bait. An hour or so past before we landed a fish and the first to catch as Harry with a decent sized sea bream very much silver and white in colour. These fish give an instant good fight but then give up after a minute or so and you reel them in with ease, 1 for the frying pan!!

Just stopping to take a look around this spot we were at takes your breath away, there must have been at lest 500-600 flamingos in their natural habitat feeding away with not a care in the world. There are many channels running in and out of here and you could easily mistake yourself being in Florida.





I caught next and landed what ws a cross between a sultan ibrahim and a bream, it had luminous green fins (no the fish wasn’t from morecambe bay…) and an allwhite/silver body. Very nice looking fish but on the small side so returned to fight another day.

Reinhard never had any luck all morning and Harry in the end caught a total of 11 fish, 10 breams and a 1 kg queen fish. The queen fish and 2 breams were kept for eating and the rest returned to fight another day.

We will be changing over onto different baits this time as we feel the squid just isn’t really attracting the fish. There were a number of other fishermen next to us that were catching fish after fish with shrimps and after politely asking fr them to share some shrimps as bait with us, we started to catch fish.

I was pleased with my new shimano spinning reel which punched the braid line out now problems and helped to get great distance which you sometimes need to get into the spot where the fish are feeding.







Next weekend will Kayaking but venturing out further into deeper waters to try some trolling if the wind speed and tides are ok that is….!!

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