Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi – Queen Fish

Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi – Headed out a few weeks ago to the small collection of islands off the Abu Dhabi mainland and scouted around for some queen fish. Queen fish are an awesome fish to catch on fly. They give an initial run and a few more before tiring out and easily landed. They are in abundance around Abu Dhabi and indeed across the UAE.

It wasnt long before leaving the launch spot that we ran out an into some bird action and hitting the water for small bit fish. Slowly approaching them and engines off, we drifted over and cast into the pack and instantly a hook up for Chris and then for me. Small queenies these were but fun all the same and taken on a nice medium size hook white and blue clouser.

I like clousers as they are a good all round fly for catching a variety of fish. They are also relatively easy to and i always have a good selection of white, blue, chartreuse and pink patterns in my fly box, they have never let me down yet.

Due to the currents moving quickly with the tide changes the school of bait fish had moved on and so we decided to head out to a small island overlooking the western region and indeed back to the city of Abu Dhabi. I walked the beaches looking for fish to sight cast to but no luck for me. Chris on the other hand had a nice silver tail and a small hammour.

Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi

The weather is warming up in Abu Dhabi now as summer approaches but the fishing will still continue as we target queenfish, trevally and Milk fish which are usually here all year round.

The boat is in for maintenance at the moment up in Fujiarah but will be in the water and ready for taking out clients for guided trips again very soon and im looking forward to having you all out on the boat very soon.

Here are some pics of the boat being prepared for you all. She will be a great fly fishing, light tackle spinning and deep sea trolling platform!

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