Fly fishing in Abu Dhabi – solo trip

Fly Fishing Abu Dhabi

I headed out Fly fishing in Abu Dhabi alone last week Friday which was Christmas eve. Its been a busy last few weeks as the year draws to a rapid end. What a year 2016 has been. Really looking forward to 2017 as it promises to be full of action , success, and plenty of fishing!! Im definitely planning some trips outside of the UAE to explore new fishing locations and fish for some different species.

I was out on the water by 7.30am and headed for the main sea only to be met by very high waves. Tried to push out through them but it wasn’t looking good for fishing open sea and instead headed for one of my favourite spots inshore fly fishing Abu Dhabi to target some queen fish . Ive recently bought two new Sage Xi series saltwater fly rods for use on the boat and they are simply beautiful and very good casting and powerful enough to handle any saltwater fish we have here in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

With both go pro cameras set up and the Garmin GPS, i started patrolling the area for rising queen fish and watching for the bird activity. It was pretty quite for the first hour or so until i reached a school of feeding queens. A few casts into the school but no luck setting the hook and the fish were moving fast and feeding sometimes rising in one area and moving quite rapidly 300 meters away which made the fishing quite difficult.

One thing ive learned over the years Fly Fishing inAbu Dhabi is to be patient. When you find fish feeding, no need to keep chasing them down and scaring them with engine noise, the best thing ive learnt to do its get close by and just drift and eventually the fish will move right by you making it much easier to cast to and less of spooking the fish away with engines.  With all this said and done, i had a great school of feeding queen fish surround the boat and along with a lot of sea gulls feeding top water….PERFECT!!

I reached for the Sage Xi3 10 weight fly rod and had tied on a small white minnow clouser that id purchased a few weeks ago from Corkie Flies and then cast the line back and forth to get some distance. There was a little wind around so i adopted using the double haul which helped with a bit more distance and accuracy. As the fly hit the water, i could see plenty of fish and gave a quick one, two strip and then a burst of strip , strip, strip and BOOOOOM, FISH ON!!!

Now as id mentioned earlier, id come out solo today so no one to manage the drifting boat other than me and with a fighting queen fish on the end of my line, it was a task i can tell you starting the engines and steering the boat away from the rapidly approaching sea wall whilst at the same time trying to play the fish in the other hand…..!!

Not to be out witted though i put the boat in place, switched off the engines and got back into action all within a few seconds, nicely done Captain… 😉  I played the fish for a few minutes until she was boat side, caught her on the go pro and then released her back to the water to fight another day. Great action on the Sage Xi3 fly rod and the white minnow clouser from Corkie Flies worked a treat!

Wishing you all a beautiful NEW YEAR!

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