Best Fly Fishing Chest Packs

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Best Fly Fishing Chest Packs

Fly fishing Chest Pack

On every fly fishing trip, I always ensure I have a good fly fishing chest pack with me. It enables me to carry all my essentials in one handy pack and that I can reach and access with ease. The amount of times ive been thankful I had a fly fishing chest pack, I cannot tell you!

On the market there are plenty of fly fishing packs to choose from and they are given different names, sling pack, chest vest, chest pack, fishing vest etc.

Throughout this article, we’ll go over what is the best fly fishing chest pack and the points you should consider when considering to buy one, what to look out for and what you should ideally have by way of a fly fishing chest pack.

We will also provide you with some Chest packs we’ve tested ourselves and provide a review for you.


  • Storage Space
  • Material its made from
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Suitable for Salt or Freshwater use
  • Reviews from other users

Main Pros Of Fly Fishing Chest Packs

Fly fishing packs are usually lightweight, provide ease of access, and offer plenty of effective storage space for all fly fishing essentials.

A good fly fishing chest pack should really offer all of these benefits and be extremely comfortable to wear.

When you select a fly fishing chest pack they should not be oversized or too bulky and should ideally be able to house and carry the main essential items you will need for the day.

An advantage to having a chest pack vs a waist pack is that you can easily walk into the water and wade if needs be without the worry of getting the chest pack wet!


They offer a lot of peace of mind knowing that all your tools needed for a good days fly fishing are right beside you at all times.


Ive found using a chest pack extremely helpful when ive been out fly fishing.

I may have been required to quickly change up my fly line or grab my line snips, having the chest pack right there with me vs being back on the river bank, has helped me immensely to save time and not disturb the fish im trying to focus on and catch!

Chest Pack Or A Vest?

Id definitely say a chest pack! Why you may ask? Well, I feel a chest pack through my own experience offer a lot of storage and ease of access to my fly fishing tackle without having to mess around unzipping my vest to access the things I need.

Also I don’t like the feel of the vest as it feels like an extra layer of clothing and makes me to warm or over heat.

I also like the fact I can simply move the chest pack around to front facing or over my shoulders and it doesn’t interfere with my casting. This is just my opinion though, what do you prefer?


Consider These When Purchasing a Fly Fishing Chest Pack

Now that we’ve covered the above overview and points on fly fishing chest packs, here are some further things you should know:

How Much Storage Space:

In general do you tend to carry a lot or smaller amount of tackle with you on your fly fishing trips? Lines, flies , snips, sunglasses etc all start to build up so if you carry a lot of tackle then you may need a larger chest pack. F you carry a smaller amount (like me) then you don’t need such a big chest pack to suit your needs.


With any chest pack or indeed vest, you will no doubt be wearing it for a good amount of time whilst fishing.  Its important that you have a comfortable chest pack that has some padding and at the same time allows your body to breath as you will tend to overheat from walking, casting and wading.

Most of the modern day chest packs have good ergonomic designs and also have addition pockets for storing items.

Long Lasting

When you buy any item, you want it to last! Your fly fishing chest pack should be made from durable materials and fittings such as the pockets, straps, zippers.

Thankfully most of the modern chest packs do cover these areas and will no doubt last you a good number of years of usage.


This is probably one of the most important points to note, waterproofing!

The last thing you want is to fall over whilst in the water and all your tackle gets wet. Its happened to me before both on the river and also falling out of a kayak. Thankfully my chest pack was waterproof and none of my tackle was lost or got water damage due to the chest pack I have being waterproof.

Our Best Chest Pack Review

The chest pack I use and recommend is the Umpqua Rock Creek ZS Chest Pack


  • Snag-free shoulder sizing buckle
  • Main compartment holds two large fly boxes
  • Two front overlay pockets for flat leader storage
  • Two side stretch-mesh pockets for accessories
  • Cord tippet holder holds up to 8 tippet spools
  • Adjustable straps
  • Fits easily over waders
  • Easily fits a mobile phone

I hope that you found this article helpful in a way that it can assist you with you the things to consider when buying a fly fishing chest pack. I thoroughly enjoy using mine and have done for years.

The amount of time and hassle mine has saved me out on the water and being able to carry all the essential things I need without bulky bags and extra tackle is well worth the money I spent on mine.

Do take a look at the Umpqua Rock Creek ZS Chest Pack or feel free to shop around on amazon for another option.

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